Here are some of our favourite typos and other errors, all anonymised:

  • The coronavirus crisis is affecting everything in this part of the plant.
  • With the pandemic, you can no longer visit your local barrister or gym class…

  • She is a director, off course.
  • I was on a business tripe.
  • This cancer has defiled all forms of medical treatment.
  • By exploring the academic journey of five faulty members at the university...

  • It is a wildly held view that...

  • All ingredients should be socked in cold water.

  • Finally, there are some considerations to be considered.

  • Lot’s of potentially helpful data is generated every day.

  • So, if it's fine, I will be glade for you to finish this work.

  • The payable amount actually should of been £2300.

  • the mean value of seven miss matched cluster centers
  • They are posing existential treats to...

  • It is sown in Fig. 1
  • They are a thread to the public.
  • The physicians were suits rather than white coats.
  • I need to ensure that their work is up to the standard requited.

Needless to say, several automated grammar and spell checkers found these perfectly acceptable.